Thursday, May 14, 2009

She Cut Me Off ...

Thursday, May 14, 2009
Ok, I'm about to share something personal ..I don't do this often but it's so silly that I just can't help myself. Last Monday I call my doctor, you know the one who deals with "lady issues". And I explain to her receptionist who sounds like she's 12 that my *cough* pills are almost done and I need a refill by the following Monday.

I am told this won't be an issue and the script will be faxed to my pharmacy within 2 days. Day two rolls around and I call to check on my order ... nothing. Hmmm, this is odd, did she go golfing and forget me... maybe she got caught in a stir up and no one can hear her cries for help? It's a mystery so far ... so, I call back and ask what's going on. i'm told she is dealing with it but busy. Fine, I still have some time, no big deal.

It's now Monday morning and I call to check once again. Still no script sitting at the pharmacy. Now, anyone who has ever been on the "lady pills" is well aware that there is a very specific schedule to be followed. I'm hoping my doctor knows this but I'm starting to really wonder. This is a simple 2 minute phone call, it will not take much of her time to get this dealt with for me.

You guessed it, now it's Tuesday and this time, her office phones me. The girl on the phone, the 12 year old is telling me very sternly that I need to come in the next day and have a sit down with the doctor. I kind of snap at this point and ask what the problem is. "It seems that Gyno Nazi, I mean Doctor %&@*$& has changed her mind and decided that she does not want me to have another pack of pills.

I am now two days off schedule at this point and my pills are being held hostage by some freak who feels it would be a great idea for me to have some more kids.. why not right, she has a playroom at her office! I proceed to ream out reception as my Dr is too chicken to get on the phone with me directly .. I tried to get her to understand that I wanted birth control, not heroin ..but to no avail.

Today I spent three hours waiting and tavelling to go see another doctor who gave me my script within 10 minutes of being at his office. I'm not sure what happened here but I feel like I was in a battle of the uterus's and I lost to the queen of all .... I'll just stop right there.

What is the world coming to when a person can go to a schoolyard at night and buy crack but it takes me a week to get birth control pills?? I warn you now ladies, watch out for your local Gyno Nazi, she is lurking somewhere, with a bucket of hidden pills just waiting to make your life hell.


R. Wallis

Oh wow! This just happened to me last month. They only wrote for a 6 month supply..Say What! I wanted to scream "do you think I'm a birth control addict lady"! But, I refrained and sarcastically asked if there was some sort of caution I should be heeding in order to not overdose or become addicted to birth control and if she would be interested in funding all my children if I discontinued its use. I think she got my point and kindly called in my Rx.
Great Blogging!


lol good lordy .. what is wrong with these people? I felt like I had to go "underground" for the ultimate stash of forbidden pills!

take care and thanks for taking the time to comment :)

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