Friday, August 28, 2009

25 Random Facts About Me, Bettie

Friday, August 28, 2009 11
A friend of mine recently sent this to me, asking me to fill it in and send it back to her. Now, I usually have no interest in this stuff at all. But, I figured that as much as my blog is about my life, you really know nothing about me. Hopefully, you get a kick out of it and if we share any commonalities, please feel free to let me know!

1. I lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada for my international readers) for 23 years

2. I am an adopted child

3. My eyes are such an odd color of green people always ask me if I wear contacts

4. I have played bass guitar for almost 18 years.

5. I sculpt (when the mood stirkes, which it hasn't in years)

6. I can name almost any song you play for me within a few seconds from motown to metallica lol ..

7. I am a mother of two boys

8. I cannot stand having short finger nails

9. I have read every Ancient Egyptian history book on the planet (I think hehe)

10. I have kept in contact with a freind I have known now for over 20 years, gotta love faceboob!

11. I own two blogs: a personal blog as well as a humourous cooking blog

12. I am terrified of spiders, no matter how tiny

13. I like doing dishes ... I know, it's strange

14. I have an obsession with crime novels (non fiction)

15. I use to have a mohawk in the 80's hahahaha

16. I use to be a bartender

17. I can make my foot touch my head lol ... (no perverted comments please people!)

18. I couldn't stand in ice skates if my life depended on it

19. I have a wonderfully sarcastic sense of humour lol ..

20. I have one tattoo and 3 piercings

21. I'm suppose to wear glasses but don't cause I'm embarassed too

22. I can understand my mum & grandma when they speak to me in Gaelic even though I do not speak it.

23. I have kept every gift I have ever gotten from someone, no matter how small

24. I have been on stage several times and sung with a band that recorded a few albums (local band)

25. I have a collection of stones & crystals.

26. I can read Tarot Cards

27. I suffer from PTSD and have lost a large chunk of my short term memory (post it notes people, I cannot stress this enough).

28. I am a natural redhead.

29. I absolutely love to go fishing, preferably in a canoe.

30. I adore BB King with all that I am.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Picked up a map and I'm off!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 5

Hey all, as I'm sure you've seen, I have not been on to post since early July. I am slowly getting my groove back and hoping to be spending a little more time writing again. I'm not sure if it's summer that has kept me away or If I'm just really lazy lately. I can tell you, I've not felt very inspired over the past month.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a "the glass is 1/2 empty" kind of thinker. I'm more of a "my glass is 1/2 empty, so someone better get me a new drink cause I'm almost done this one" kind of gal. However, it occured to me the other day, that I am slacking on alot of things within my life right now so here I am, one little step is still a step right?

My goals for now are to do my best to write at least once per week, it's important to keep the people happy... espicially those folks over at B.C. They are ruthless you know ;) They also make up 90% of my reading audience so I hope they see the joke in that! That's right, you go for that comment box, I dare ya ;)

I will also be starting a new job in the fall taking care of a disabled child, one who I know and adore very much. I'm really looking forward to this as it will allow me to grow as a person and see things through someone else's eyes for a change. And I can't think of anything negative about that whatsoever.

This week should be pretty interesting, I will start my day tomorrow with a visit to a friend who is a professional drag queen and one of the sweetest guys/gals I know .. as long as he isn't trying to stick those damn false lashes on me, we have a wonderful time together.

After that, which could be "hours" later... I am going to go and look at new beds. I've been sleeping on the same mattress for about 3 years now and getting out of bed in the morning is not a joy for me anymore. I look like an old woman with a stick up her arse. and please, I don't want any "granny hate mail" for making that comment. It's just a fact, and if you saw me doing this, you'd most likely agree with me.

Friday, I get to go shopping, I'm so thrilled, I can barely stand it (please note the severe sarcasm here). Grocery shopping for me is what I imagine the 7th level of hell to resemble... Isle's upon isle's of frustration, screaming, rudeness and some of the worst characters in history to contend with.

I just want to go in there and buy some frikkin fruit but no no, I must walk the gauntlet instead. Handing Satan my atm card at the end of the tour and paying him, like this was a fun experience for me. Maybe I should get myself an errand boy! :<)

As for my weekend, I am not going to make any plans and just go with the flow instead. Hopefully by then, I've had an interesting enough week that I can come back here and share a good story or two with you.

I suppose that's it for now, I'll see you all soon ;)

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