Sunday, April 12, 2009

Watch out world ... I am smokeless

Sunday, April 12, 2009
I've been comtemplating whether or not I should do any posting tonight as I am out of cigarette's... I know, you non smokers are just going to tell me to suck it up right? Well that's exactly what I want... to suck me up a big ole ciggie ....

Of course, the smokers out there ... you understand what I am going through, you FEEL my pain, dontcha? Well maybe you don't since your probably lightin one up as your reading this... I'm looking at 9-10 hours before I see one of those precious sticks again and I'm not happy about it one little bit!

Maybe I should hide all the clocks in my house so that the time will "seem" to go by quicker... Of course, there is still that clock in my system tray, hmmm nothing a little white out won't fix! Do you see what's happening here ??!!?? I'm simply delirious ...

So I now have two choices ... sit here and suck it up or go and eat everything in the fridge and then explain to my better half when he comes home, why there is no food left in the house.. haha! Honey ... you remember that mouse I told you about that lives under our fridge?? He's the real culprit!! Honestly, I didn't do it, I was too busy curled up in the corner of the tub rocking myself into hysterics!

Oh, the shame ....



Ha ha.. very funny. I would say try to quit if you can. Its not that easy but with some help you can quit the habit.


well, I thank you for the vote of confidence and your right .. I really should quit! :<)


Roseli A. Bakar

hahaha... I cannot do a blog post if I'm out of cig. Been trying to quit also but nah....

Ralph Ivy

Hang in there! Keep lighting 'em up. We smokers need all the support we can get. And smoking ain't that bad for your health. It's like working out. The air is getting so polluted only us smokers have lungs trained to survive! And hey! - a survey of us smokers who have inhaled 50 or more years found us all alive and relatively well.


I hear that Roseli, it just helps pass the time .. now I just need another hand .. one for my ciggie and two to type with lol ..


Ralph ... you may have a point there .. we are better trained to take in the garbage in the air .. never looked at it that way. Maybe next time I catch hell from a non smoker I will point that out! lol ..

thanks for your comment

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