Sunday, April 12, 2009

Idea's for the new blogger

Sunday, April 12, 2009
I have compiled a modest list of things for the new blogger to post about. When I decided to start blogging I was stuck for idea’s big time! I ended up deciding that I could just write what was on my mind at the time...

Hence my title “BettieBlogger, conquering the world, one blog at a time” ©

Hopefully this helps new bloggers who are just stuck for words … some ideas/topics:

local news
the environment
causes you believe in
your pets
clothing designs
new technology
family & friends
events around the world

The list goes on and on but this gives you an idea … if you can come up with an subject/topic to write about, there is someone out there who will want to read it. Of course, it will take some effort on your part to get together a nice looking blog as well as getting a reading audience but if you work at it, you’ll get there!

Good luck :<)



there are so many ideas but how to make it different from others ? :) nice blog


beauty, thanks so much for responding directly, I appreciate it! As far as having different idea's I think yours are pretty darn good .. you made suggestions that I had not thought of .. keep up the good work! ;)


Myself - the ideas are not too hard to find (good ones who knows;) but to keep focused on a general area is tough.
Here's an example, one day I could comment on some business story or stock. The next day I'm thinking about some crazy youtube video and hiking a national park.
It's tough to stay a little focused. I assume a regular reader would expect some focus.

Oh another idea, I think readers like personal stories.


thanks for your input :) with this blog in particular .. all of my topics here are personal for me .. the Irish recipies section cause I am Irish, the MTM/CNM info because people in my family are affected by this condition, the personal entires are understandable and then there's the blogger tips .. cause I am one lol ..

so it all works out .. hopefully people will keep coming back!

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