Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Madness and my Ramblings ...

Monday, April 20, 2009
Wow, what a busy day I've had! It started off rather slow today as I just didn't want to get out of bed to be quite truthful.... I actually greeted the rest of my house at about 1:00 pm today... I know, I'm lazy... but the extra rest was much needed!

I grabbed myself a tea and a ciggie in an attempt to wake up and was out the door in about an hour. So, all in all ... I made fairly good time. I headed downtown, sharing the sidewalk with everyone from the business man in his $3000.00 suit to the lady on the corner who talks to herself... I don't get what she's saying really, but from the expression on her face it's rather important. Never a dull day in downtown ....ahh, right, I am annonymous. You almost got me! ;)

After a few hours downtown, I made my way back home .. taking my time as it was a nice light, breezy day today. I end up at my landlords door as I have completely forgotten to do the most important thing on my list and ended up using her fax to finish the task! After that's taken care of, we sit and talk about vacation spots, relationships and a slew of other topics that one rarely speaks to her landlord about... But alas, she is a wonderful lady and you enjoy being around her when you see her... My kind of people for sure :<)

Realizing it was 5:00 pm I head downstairs to get dinner ready... We've decided that were going to brave the deer sausage (venison) that was given to us by some friends. Now, I have eaten this twice in my life. The first time it was like chewing on a rubber tire... my second meal of venison was quite good. Cooked with different spices & veggies as well as a homemade gravy to pour on top... yum yum! So, I figure it will turn out tasting like a rubber tire and I'll have to cut that guy a break from so many years ago or it will be yummy & juicy and my partner will not ask me what in the %$&# he's chewing on..

I am hoping for the latter of course. If all goes well and my experiment is a success, maybe I will post the recipe on here for anyone interested in trying something different. Well, dinner will be ready soon so for now I bid you guys goodbye. I may be back to post later on if the mood strikes! :<)



Mike Perry

Arrived here from your Squidoo lens - see it works! Interesting posts but it's now Wednesday.
Good luck,


Hi there, Mike :<)

Thanks for stopping in and commenting, it gives me a chance to get interactive with my readers, which is great!

As for Squidoo, I guess it does work, good to know :) My wheels are spinning today...Maybe I should post today and catch up to you :)

take care,


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