Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How Selfish Can You Be???

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
I was in a message board group that I frequent quite a bit and came across a thread that showed a link to a story that simply blew me out of the water. There is a woman out there in the blogging community that should be hanging her head in utter shame for what she has done.

Beccah Beushausen, a 26-year-old social worker from the Chicago area created a blog about being an expectant mother of a terminally ill baby. From what I gather from this article she kept this horrific lie up as long as possible because she recevied so much sympathy from her readers. By the end of it all she had managed to gain one million hits on her blog from people supporting her and coming to read all the new entries about her "terrible situtation".

She claims that she was getting 100,000 hits per week and this somehow justified her continuing on with this outragious and extremely sickening and selfish game she was playing. As a blogger, I too understand the importance of organic traffic but my god .. what a way to obtain stats!

I am truly outraged by this story and deeply disappointed that someone would go this far to obtain popularity within the blogging community. I would like to say to you Beccah, in case you ever come across my blog that you are a disappointment to the human race and should hang your head in utter shame for what you have done ..

Even more shocking, is the fact that this woman is a social worker! She spends her days listening, consolling and helping those in emotional distress learn to be happier, healthier and live better lives .. I truly hope this woman looses her position as a social worker and has her liscense revoked.

Shame on you ....

If your interested in reading her story you can find the link below.,2933,526037,00.html



I agree with you when it comes not to believe everything we read online. There are drama llamas everywhere and it seems that some will do almost anything to get hits.

IMO is you are a blogger who is telling a fictional story, then you ought to clearly state what you are writing is fiction. The fact that this blogger led everyone on and felt no guilt when doing so indicates she's yet another drama queen, who feels entitled to play fast and lose with other people's emotions - BLEH!

Some operate on the basis that any advertising is good advertising. I don't. I sincerely hope readers shun her blog in droves and her blog stats fall like a stone.


This story is appalling and I'm ashamed to say that she lives in a nearby town.

For her to say that she did not profit in any way is disingenuous because if she is like any of the rest of us, she's probably got Google Adsense and Adgitize or some other online form of advertising/earning money on a blog. If she got 100,000 hits per week, I guarantee she's earned more than the paltry $1.36 I've earned to date since 10/08. I guarantee it. Also, people claimed to have sent her cash and gifts. She says the gifts are going to charity. She never cops to getting cash.

It's sad to think that bloggers are now getting a bad rap for this 1 person's behavior. It's also sad to think that it's going to make everyone question every other blogger's sad or unfortunate story. There are a lot of people in need of help and even more in need of prayers.


Amen girls .. you both hit the nail right on the head! I for one have read the article but have not clicked on the link for her blog .. I can't be bothered to help her get MORE hits ..

Thanks for taking the time to stop in and post.


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