Friday, May 1, 2009

The Weekend Cometh ...

Friday, May 1, 2009
Thank the gods for that .. I have had a very emotionally & mentally draining week so I do apologize for not being here to post & say hello to you all. But, as well all know, that wonderful thing called "real life" interupted me, came knocking at my door and unfortunately, I got up to answer....

I have spent so much time this week reflecting, disecting and running thoughts over and over in my head that the thought of actually vocalizing myself to another human really didn't seem like a good idea. Trust me, it was better this way for everyone ... Now I am processing, sorting and trying to file all of this new mind boggling info and hoping that within a few days I will be back to hitting the books or is that hitting the blogs?

Either or, I wanted to stop in, if even for a minute, and let you guys know that I see you stopping by and appreciate the fact you've shown more dedication to my blog this week than I have. So, thank you for that! I am going to take some time this weekend to let my brain go into a temporary stasis and attempt to have some fun. If I show up next time a bit hungover, don't look shocked, I'm Irish afterall, you should have known better .. hehe

Hope everyone has a nice weekend, I'll be back Monday!



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