Friday, April 10, 2009

Those wacky Sims ..

Friday, April 10, 2009
Recently I found myself looking for something new to do online … I can only log into Facebook so many times…. . So, I went in search of something that would grab my attention for more than 20 minutes. After numerous trials and errors with this prog and that prog I stumbled upon something called “The Sims”. I know, you just smacked yourself in the forehead wondering how someone could not possibly be informed right?

So, I get to the Maxis website and am flooded with a rather large selection of games I can play. Apparently I can play with virtual pets, go on vacation, build a city … the list goes on and on. I finally made my choice and decided on The Sims “Livin Large” as my new “how to better spend my time on the computer” solution.

I load my game and soon come to a section telling me about my many options & how to play the game successsfully. I can rather move into an already established neighbourhood or start with a blank template and build my own. I opted for the latter and began my journey into the world of The Sims…. I had already decided that I would have one home and two sims….. One week later, I have 3 homes and 5 sims, talk about self disipline….

I’m enjoying the building mode the most so far. Yes the little people are fun to watch but I can only click on the toilet & hear that flush, so many times… I do have to say though that the realism of the game is quite impressive … for example. If I don’t put my dishes away after a meal, the food will attract flies to the plate…leaving that too long can result in a roach infestation which none of us want, virtually or otherwise.

The other day I found myself building my third house for a single male sim and before I knew it, my boyfriend was in on it too. Together we designed a pretty awesome house … one to make
any bachelor proud I am sure. I figure, he would have a better grasp on how to set things up…

Had I done it myself you just know there would have been something frilly lying around somewhere … I’m a girl, I just can’t help it! Either or, his suggestions were right on and we ended up with a really great piece of property in the end. So I’d like to thank him and his testosteroney mindset for helping me to create an awesome space for Kris Kannibas the bachelor sim!


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