Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In bed with my baseball bat...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Last night I'm getting ready for bed .. it's about 2:30 am and I've just finished my blogging activities for the evening. I do my usual rounds .. make sure the ashtray isn't on fire, turn the lights out, use the loo .. the normal routine.

So, there I am, all snuggled up in my big warm comforter and within about 10 minutes I can hear a few people outside and directly below my bedroom window. Now .. I certainly won't reveal where I live but it's very close to downtown, the concrete jungle as I like to call it. It's not a "terrible" neighbourhood but it's not the safest place for a woman to walk around at night all by her lonesome either... safety, safety, safety, I always say!

Right ... back to my story. So I'm in bed, listening to these two people yacking under my window when all of a sudden what do I hear? The female says to her friend ... " I wonder who lives in the apartment above us" Of course I sit up thinking, why is this faceless stranger in the dark inquiring about my place???

I leave the lights off and go to my window, can't see them as they are right up against our front door. Our building has magnectic locks on both the outside and foyer doors .. again better safe than sorry when you live in the "jungle".

Next thing I know, the male is saying to the girl .. "I bet it would be really easy to climb up there" as you can imagine ... I am getting a little worried. My other 1/2 is gone to work on a midnight shift and I am home alone ... just me and the bat that sits in my hallway lol ..

Now to set the scene a little more, we had a snowstorm and a rainstorm brewing outside... Mother Nature must have had herself a bad bad day. I suppose they were looking for cover but were unable to get into the building...

My wheels are spinning by this point... am I going to have to bonk some snow covered Yeti over the head when he decides to climb up to my window and hang from the sill?? Or do I just go open it now to make it easy on him and maybe put on a pot of tea to warm his burglarin' bones?

If he tries this idea out, what do I say to the operator when have to call 911? Hi there, my name is so and so and I live at %$#%&$ Street. Ummm, there is a Yeti on my windowsill and I am about to hit him out of the park with one of my trademark grand slam hits! Please send someone immediately!!

Of course, she/he will look at the other dispatchers in the room and make that "this caller is squirrely" face and before I know it, me, the VICTIM, will be hurled off to the booby hatch ... I mean really, we all know that Yeti's aren't real right? ;) That and the fact that I live in/near the jungle only further implies that I must be nuts!

Thankfully, the Yeti and his female companion decide to leave and work thier way down the snow covered streets .. no doubt to find a window much lower in height...

If I wanted to be featured on "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" I would just ring up Lorne Green and ask him to send me a ticket..



Angela Lovell

Like your blog. And I happen to love Irish coffee, which is strange as I am a tea drinker.
Have a great day. Angela.


Hi Angela, thanks very much! It's funny as I am a tea drinker as well and also love Irish coffee.

Hope you have a nice day too :<)


Ralph Ivy

Good storyteller. I'll read more. Starting my day's rambling through the net.


hi Ralph, thanks for stopping by & showing your support! I appreciate it :)

take care,



voices always carry through the quiet night.

well if you lived near the river Avon in the UK you would need to check with the police before protecting yourself:
Businessman burgled after being banned from using giant catapult



lol .. indeed! The bat is there because my other 1/2 use to play baseball and I certainly am not the violent type. However, I will protect my home and family if necessary..

don't worry all, Bettie is not going to get a cape and become a vigilante of the night! ;) not yet anyway .. :<)

thanks for your comment, lisleman!

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